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Pallavicini Castle Hotel - Pusztaradvany - Description

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Hotel Address: Pusztaradvány, Kossuth u. 11. 3874 Pusztaradvány, Hungary
E-mail: pallavicini_castle_hotel_pusztaradvany email

Through the reconstruction of the Marquis de Pallavicini family\'s classicist palace standing in the middle of a park full of ancient trees lying in the heart of Pusztaradvany, hiding at the head of the semicircular Mogyoros brook valley in the north-eastern part of Cserehat mountain, the hotel has opened to those longing for undisturbed rest, clean air, and peaceful nature.

The shaping of the building\'s interiors recalls the 19th century. Period furniture, including several valuable, one-and-a-half-century-old pieces of Biedermeier furniture evoke the age of Marquis Janos Pallavicini, who had a splendid career in diplomacy. It is a specific feature of the hotel that its rooms and other community areas are lit not by mass produced items but 100-150 year-old lamps peculiar in terms of industrial history and the history of styles renewed by the owner-thus the palace also serves as a \"lamp museum\".

The varied services of the hotel provide a wide choice to guests looking for rest, weekend relaxation or participants of business meetings, retraining programs, hunters or those invited to company and family events.

In the rooms and other community areas wall heating in winter, and cooling by circulating cold water in the same system in summer, which eliminates the well known disadvantages of air conditioners.

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