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General Conditions for Boat Rentals

Lake Balaton Sailing - Rent a boat in Hungary

Sailing on Lake Balaton

Danube Cruises

1)What kinds of documents are needed for renting? Only a valid boating license, we accept a document issued in any European country.

2)Do I need to pay a deposit? If yes, how much? For each boat a deposit of 400 Euro should be paid, which is of course fully returned in case of returning the boat without damage.

3)Where are the boats located? Siófok is our base harbour, but at an extra charge it is possible to take over the boat at any other harbour.

4)When can the boat be taken over and until when should it be returned? The boats can be taken over on the first rental day at 9 am, and should be returned on the last day by 6 pm.

5)What kinds of boats can be rented? Our fleet consists of 1-2 year old Twister 800 n tour sailing boats.

6)What kind of equipment is available on the boat? There is life jacket on the boat. There is chemical toilet, the use of which is only suggested in urgent situations, please resort to the services of the harbours. On the boats there are also plates, glasses, cutlery and a water boiler. Please take sleeping bags, blankets or bed clothes with you.

7)Should the boats be returned clean? Yes, alternatively we can clean the boat for a fee of 20 Euro.

8)How many persons can stay on the boat at the same time? At the same time maximum 6 persons can stay on the boat.

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9)Do I have to pay for using the harbours? When you rent a boat with a BAHART sticker, then all the BAHART harbours can be used completely for free. At private harbours it is of course necessary to pay.

Sailing on Lake Balaton

Danube Cruises