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1. Reservation
2. Airport Transfer
3. Car Rental
4. Motorhome Rental


1.1 Are prices on the webpage per person or per room?
Prices are per room, except for youth hostel type accommodation. With hostels we specifically indicate that prices are per person. Prices include service charges and local taxes.

1.2 Is breakfast included in the price?
Prices include buffet type breakfast. Exceptionally, if breakfast is not included, extra charge for breakfast is always indicated separately in the price chart. (see dark blue field)

1.3. Where do I pay for services?
In every case price is payable to the provider of the service, on the spot, in cash or by credit card.

1.4. Do I have to pay extra charge for booking via justbookit?
No. Our web service is free for you.

1.5. What is the difference between ENQUIRY and RESERVATION?
We take extreme care to make our page as informative as possible. Should you have further questions concerning any service or hotel, please fill in and send us our ENQUIRY form; we do our best to promptly respond. Submission of the enquiry form does not constitute a reservation. The ENQUIRY form is sent through a NON-secure SSL connection and its submission does not constitute a reservation. By filling in and sending the RESERVATION form you can book the required service. The RESERVATION data are sent through secure SSL connection.

1.6. Is my reservation secured once it is sent?
No. The service you have reserved is only secured when we send you a confirmation. We confirm reservations within 48 hours at the latest following reservation.

1.7. Do I need a confirmation directly from the hotel?
No. You only need confirmation from justbookit.

1.8. What charges do I incur in case of cancellation?
Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions.

1.9. What credit cards are accepted?
VISA, Mastercard, Amex.

1.10. Are my credit card data secure?
Credit card data are transmitted through an SSL conncetion to prevent unathorized access. SSL connection provide full security for your data.

1.11. How do I get to the hotel?
Location and access to all listed hotels are provided in the hotel description. Also we prepare a printable map to help your orientation. We provide transport upon individual request.

Airport transfer:

2.1. Who will pick me up and where?
Our chauffeur will meet you at the exit door holding a sign with your name on it.

2.2. What if my plane is delayed?
No matter how long delay your flight suffers, transport will be supplied; we will be there.

2.3. Will there be enough room for my baggage in the car?
We use 8+1 people carriers which accommodate eny amount of baggage. All cars are air-conditioned.

2.4. I prefer individual transport. Can I get a car of my own?
Every transfer is dispatched in a separate car. You won't have to travel with or wait for others, and your lugagge will not get misplaced.

Car rental:

3.1. What is included in the price?
Price includes: VAT, unlimited mileage, insurance, delivery between 8.00 a.m and 6.00 p.m., extra driver, no charge for cross border driving.

3.2. I would like to travel to Romania or another Eastern European country. Is that possible? Is there any extra charge?
You are permitted to drive to any country without incurring an extra charge.

3.3. Can I return the car in a different city or country?
Yes. You can return your car in any city or country; there is however a one-way rental charge which varies by drop location.

3.4. What if I become involved in an accident?
In case of an accident we supply you a spare car free of charge.

3.5. What if I am at-fault in an accident?
You are liable to pay a deductable according to terms specified in the contract regulations, the amount of which can not exceed 400 euros.

Motorhome Rental:

4.1. What category/size of motor caravans are available for rent?

Our dormobiles are classified into three categories:

Each dormobil has a canopy and a carry-bike.

Luxury category
Fitting for 4 persons, with 4 berths at your disposal. The appearance of the motorhome, the interior is of a saloon-car. It is equipped with all the conforts of home, which shall satisfy the highest demands of passengers. Motor air-conditioning, standing A/C (230V), automatic SAT-system free to use while you are on the way with a 17” LCD TV, DVD-player, 1.9 kW inverter, which can provide 230V even for a microwave-oven or hair-dryer (so that the motorhome does not have to be connected to the mains. The standing A/C of 230V is functionable underway with the help of the inverter, so that passengers in the back will not get heat-stroke.

Premium category
They are the biggest vehicles regarding their capacity (4-6 passengers’ seats and 4-7 berths are available). By certain types there is enough space (a „garage”) to carry a motorbike underneath the rear, raised french bed. Motor air-conditioning, standing A/C. Semi-integrated types are also counted to this category! Their age is between 0-3 years.

Standard category
The 4-seater motorhomes are the available at the most favourable rates, but there are also some 5-6-seater modells of this sort. They are not equipped with A/C! They are of a simple design, but supplied with all basic equippment. They are 0-6 years old cars.

4.2. What does coaching-fee (leaving costs) mean?
The fee includes a charged gas-cylinder, a bottle of WC chemical fluid and the preparation of the car for the route (eg. a filled-up freshwater tank and cleaning).

4.3. What insurance do motorhomes have?
Full comprehensive insurance included. CASCO-insurance with HUF 200.000 deductible. There is a possibility to reduce the self-part to HUF 100.000 by paying an extra HUF 1.500+VAT (20%)/day. Thus, you are just liable up to HUF 100.000 in any case of damages or theft.

4.4. What is the maximum speed a motorhome can be driven at?
They are considered to be automobiles, according to the European Highway Code, so the speed limits are as follows:
Within built-up area: 50km/h
On the open road: 90 km/h
Semi-motorway: 110 km/h
Motorway: 130 km/h

Local rules may be different in the EU, there are some countries, where other speed limits are applied. You should always check the local rules before going out on a trip. Below you will find a chart showing the speed limits in the most popular destinations in 2006.

Towing of a caravan: at a speed-limit of 50 km/h within built-up area, and 80 km/h on the open road. It is highly advised to hold your speed around 90-110 km/h for the sake of a safe and comfortable drive, and for the optimal fuel consumption.

4.5. How long would a freshwater tank last out with a load?
The water in the freshwater tank is enough for 2-3 days. The vaning of the water supply greatly depends on the number of passengers and the frequency of use. As to our experience, an adult would be able to have a shower by using up 5-8 liters of water. We recommend to use disposable dishes, particularly for round tours, as you can spare a lot of water and time with their help. If you want to spend more time at a lonely resort it is useful to have 2-3 gallons of 20 liters, which can be used as emergency tanks. There is piped water at each parcels in each upper category camping, so you do not need to drive to fill up the water tank.

4.6. In what cases do you provide a replacement car?
In case of a breakdown of the leased vehicle, which cannot be repaired on the premises (in a range of 100-150 km) within 24 hours and thus the trip cannot be continued (owing to the failure of the essential devices of the caravan), we provide a replacement for you.

4.7. Where should one dispose of toilet, wash basin, sink and shower wastewater?
In the dump stations available in service areas or on campsites. There are signs beside the highways, shopping malls and suburban roads in Western-Europe where you find such stations. For instance, in Italy, by the gates of the toll-roads you get handouts with the above information. Also, there are semi- or fully-canalized parcels in upper-category campings, where you can connect the wastewater tank of the car with the sewage system of the camping. Toilet tank can be emptied at regular toilets or at camping grounds. Warning: WC-tanks contain aggressive substances, therefore it is forbidden to empty them on the shrub or on open ground. Illegal emptying of waste will result in serious fines in many European countries! If there is no other possibility, toilet tanks may be emptied into public toilets.

4.8. Do I have to go to a camping or may I stay outside for a night?
It is different country by country, but it can be said that most countries regulate, even the camping on private properties. It is forbidden to camp in most places, yet, caravanists are tolerated on the coats and by historic towns.