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Villkor för biluthyrning


1, The parties:

- The rental company: The Car Rental Company, (38-44 Bécsi Street, Budapest, 1036) lets its own and vehicles owned by its' partners for rent with the conditions listed above. The Car Rental Company is entitled to sell not only its' own but the services purchased by someone else in a changeless form as a mediated service.

- The renter can be either a natural or a non-natural person, but only a responsible natural person can sign the rental contract.

2, The way of ordering, booking:

- The final booking is completed with the fulfillment of advance payment. It can be realized either by credit card (with giving all the necessary data), cash or remittance.

- In case of the cancellation of booking the renter does not get back the already paid - or the advance payments get off from the credit card.

- If the renter has required delivery and he/she will not appear at the delivery address, or he / she refuses to hand over the automobile from any reasons, than the Car Rental Company will claim the delivery fee plus the advance payment from the renter.

- The Car Rental Company - in case of pre-booking- covenants for the required category. The auto rent company makes a resolve to give the client the required category in each case. But if the rental company is not able to let the required automobile, than a similar type will be offered to the renter. If the rental company is not able to let an automobile at a similar category, it is entitled to let an automobile of a higher category at the agreed price of the required category.

- The amount of advance payment depends on the number of days passed from the date of booking till the beginning of the rental.

If it is more than 15 days, than the amount of the advance payment is the 30% of the gross rental fee but min. 10.000 Ft. If the pre-booking is made within 15 days the total rental fee will be deducted.

3, Period of rental:

- The rental contract is in all of the cases for a determined time period.

- The minimum period of car rental is 24 hour, 1 day.

- Brought back before time:

The Car Rental Company will not refund the fee of rental or any other charge when the vehicle is brought back before the end of the rental period. The already paid but not used rental fees will be writing up on the client's rental balance at Car Rental Company, and can be used by the renter in the following 2 years from the payment of the rental fee.

- Lengthening:

The rental period can be lengthened only with the advance approval of Car Rental Company.

In case of lengthening, the rental fee - for that period - will be determined based on the daily rental fee that was valid on the first day of lengthening.

If the lengthening is less than 1 day the fee is:

- if it does not exceed 3 hours there is no extra fee

- if the lengthening is between 3-6 hours an extra ½ day should be paid ?" regarding the daily fee fixed in the rental agreement

- if the lengthening is more than 6 hours (but less than a day) an extra day should be paid ?" regarding the daily fee fixed in the rental agreement

- Late set back: If the Car Rental Company does not approve of the lengthening of car rental period and the renter gives the rented car back later, than the Car Rental Company can charge an extra fee. The charge of the extra fee is 2 000 Ft +vat after each initiated hour.

4, Conditions of rental:

 - Identity cards: The term of rental is that the renter should show his/her legal and valid documents (ID card, address card or passport).

- Valid driving license licensed at least 1 year earlier and is valid till the end of the intended rental period at least.

- Making a photocopy. The renter agrees that the Car Rental Company makes and will keep a copy of his/her documents when signing the agreement. The Car Rental Company handles all the personal data according to the data protection law.

- International driving license is needed if the country where it was issued in is not on the list accepted by the Viennese covenant in 1969. The Car Rental Company will give information about the actual list if it is required.

- Deposit. The Car Rental Company asks for deposit in each case, the amount of the deposit is variable and depends on the value of the car.

5, The way of distressing and handling of deposit:

- By credit or debit card that must be valid for at least 1 year following the rental period

- For taking the deposit the Car Rental Company carries out a pre-authorization on the renters' or the responsible persons' credit/debit card.

- Daily limit: The renter should be aware that the daily limit on his/her credit card is not lower than the amount of the deposit. The expenses because of the wrong setting of the daily limit will be charged for the owner of the credit/debit card.

- The owner of the credit/debit card should be presented in all of the cases and should certify this agreement with his/her signature.

- Paying a deposit in cash. At least 50% of the deposit should be paid by debit/credit card. So max. the 50% of the deposit can be covered by cash.

- Let off the deposit is made through a „purchase, after pre-authorization" transaction. This is 10 HUF in a basic case if there is no need to deduct the deposit. In that case the freezing of the not deducted amount is removed.

- The role of the deposit is for paying the casual costs (lengthening, extra km fee), shortcoming (cleaning, fuel) or damages. The renter notices that the Car Rental Company will disclaim the deposit only in case of total or final judgment of contests. The Car Rental Company can take all the deposit in case of total loss, theft or total destruction.

- If the deposit is not available the Car Rental Company can deny making a rental contract, to give a car or is entitled to get the rented car back from the renter.

6, The rental fee includes:

- required liability insurance

- CASCO insurance (own interest 10 %, min. 100 000 HUF)

- 300 km by daily price, and 3.500 km by monthly price.

The additional km price:

mini, and economy category: 28 HUF,

family and business category: 61 HUF/km

Premium category: 80 HUF/km

- the cost of service, repair, refilling of lubricant

- Winter/summer tires (adequate to the season)

The rental fee does not cover the:

- fuel cost

- parking fee

- highway sticker

- and any other cost that is not part of the basic service.

- In case of monthly rental the rental fee does not include the unlimited km usage. (The monthly fee in general case includes 3500 km free running. In general cases the fee for extra km at mini, economy category is 28 Ft/km, at family and business category is 61 Ft/km, and at premium category cars 80 Ft/km.)

7, Paying

- The rental fee must be paid in advance in each case.

- It can be paid by cash, by credit card or by money transfer to the Car Rental Company's bank account.

- The Car Rental Company is entitled to refuse to hand the rental car until the amount is received in case of money transfer.

8, Invoicing

- The Car Rental Company is bound to make an invoice of all the payments based on the law.

- The VAT is included in the invoice in all the cases.

- Complains on the counting of invoice can be accepted only within 8 days from getting the invoice in hand.

- The invoice data should be given by the renter in advance, before any payments would be realized. Otherwise the invoice of pre-booking, the advance payment or the amount deducted previously is addressed to the name of the natural person.

9, Allowances, special offers:

- The allowances and the special offers of Car Rental Company car rental company are valid for a determined period. If it is not determined it can be used till cancellation.

- The allowances can be added only in that case if the Car Rental Company attracts the special attention in the introduction of the allowance/special offer.

- The Car Rental Company ?" with stated conditions ?" gives the opportunity to buy car rental coupons at a reasonable price. The coupons can be used for car rental in the predetermined period. When paying with the coupons there is no opportunity to buy new coupons.

- Voucher: The Car Rental Company car rental company issue coupons that will be accepted by the co-operating partner of the Car Rental Company. It can be used only at defined partners.

- Other allowance cards: The Car Rental Company rent-a-car company accepts more types of allowance cards (Hungary Card, Balaton Card). When using the cards the allowances can be added only in that case if the Car Rental Company draws the special attention in the introduction of the allowance/special offer.

- Usage of partner allowance card: Car Rental Company authorises for the clients of it's cooperating partners (garages, restaurants, hotels) special cards. The is valid only for the rental fee, and cannot be used in case of premium category cars. The client must show the card at the rental, so it is valid for one-time.

10, Delivery and take back the rented car:

- Basically at giving back, the rented car has to be in the same state as it was marked in the agreement when delivery.

- The parties register the position of the milometer and the state of the rented automobile both when delivery and taking back.

- If the renter delivers the automobile dirty, then the car rental company will charge 3000 HUF + VAT for the cleaning services, furthermore if there is an extra fee (cleaning of drapery, polishing, plastic cleaning) this will be charged for the renter as well.

- If the renter delivers the automobile with not full tank, then the car rental company will charge 1.000 HUF (+ the gasoline or petrol price) for the services.

- It is prohibited to use the rented automobile when the lubricating oil has drained, the cooling liquid has congealed or pulling another vehicle, except if it was rented for this purpose by the Car Rental Company. More it is prohibited to refill any other liquid without the permission of the car rental company except for the washer fluid.

- The renter must acknowledge that if he/she does not return the automobile for the appropriate date and the rental company or the representative of the Car Rental Company does not agree with the lengthening, than if the delay takes more than 6 hours, the case can be reported to the police and an international warrant for the automobile can be asked.

- The renter must acknowledge that the rental company charges a delay fee which is 2000 HUF + VAT per hour. If the return of the car is after working hours, than there will be an extra charge of 5000 HUF penalty for default that is additional to the delay fee.

- If the rental period is longer than 1 month, than the renter has to present the automobile on the renter's site to one of the representatives of the company once a month at a mutually agreed time.

11, Responsibility:

- The renter ?" with signing this arrangement ?" will be the temporary keeper of the vehicle for a definite period (from receiving the rented car to giving it back). If the renter is a legal entity, that at least one natural person should be named, who takes several guarantee for the possible damages or motoring offences happened during the car rental period.

- The renter must notice that only he/she or a delegated person marked in the agreement is entitled to drive the car.

- It is prohibited to use the rented car not for its purpose, like passenger transport for business reasons, car racing or preparing for car racing.

- An obligation for payment (e.g. parking fine, lack of highway sticker, hidden damage, other deficiency) could arise during the rental period that the Car Rental Company does not get to when returning the vehicle. In these cases the Car Rental Company cannot adjudicate its claim so it is entitled to take the amount of damage or penalties from the account of the renter or the responsible person in 12 months following the rental period.

- The Car Rental Company is entitled to charge 3000 HUF + VAT administration fee after each item reckon up posterior.

- The renter has to notice that he/she takes full financial responsibility for all the cost that comes up in connection with the automobile and for the damages caused with the automobile if the insurance company does not pay because the renter's blame for the faults, or pays but only in part (e.g. alcohol influence).

- The renter in case of a damage must pay an own interest which is 10%, minimum 100 000 HUF in a basic case. The amount of the own interest can be variable. The Car Rental Company informs the renter in all the special cases.

- If the damage does not count as an insurance case, especially in case of peculation, the renter has to pay to the Car Rental Company car rental company for the expense a price specified by Eurotax + 25%.

- If there was an accident and the responsible was the other automobile and its insurance covers the whole amount of damage than the Car Rental Company disclaims the own interest.

- The hirer has to provide the rental company with all the necessary documents in connection with the accident.

- The renter must keep the ignition key and the registration certificate of the rented car at him/her during the rental period. If the renter cannot give them back to the car rental company, because they have been stolen and the investigation clarifies that the ignition key was reproduced and that is why the insurance company will not refund the costs, than the renter will pay for all the costs.

- If a crime has been committed by the rented automobile during the rental period, then the Car Rental Company rent-a-car company can keep the deposit back until the end of the procedure and the renter will be charged with all the extra costs that can arise during the procedure.

- The renter can use the car abroad, but it is allowed to use the automobile only in European Union. Without the particular permission of the car rental company it is prohibited to drive the car to a country which is not covered by CASCO insurance during the rental period.

- The Car Rental Company precludes the responsibility for the indirect or the upshot damages because of breakdown of the rented car. In case of breakdown the Car Rental Company will pay the cost of a one-night accommodation (maximum 50 EUR) and daily allowance for one day (maximum 25 EUR) for the renter.

12, Uncommon occurrences:

- The renter must inform the Car Rental Company 24/7 client service immediately if any special case (breakdown, accident) happens during the car rental period on the following telephone number: +36205551155

- The renter can claim compensation of any expenses regarding the repair or service of the rented car in only those case when the colleague or the representative of the Car Rental Company rent-a-car company has approved in advance to the specified item or event (e.g. repair, recovery car, replacement of components). The Car Rental Company car rental can reject to pay those expenses if the renter misses to inform and ask for the permission in advance.

- The renter must pay for all the costs if the equipments or documents need to be replaced.

13, Judicial combat:

In case of legal contest the parties will try to negotiate. If this is not possible, then the Court of the II-III. district will act.

14, Validity:

The General Terms of Conditions are valid till cancellation.